The Graceful Dwarf Hinoki Cypress is a wonderful medium sized evergreen conifer that grows steadily to reach 4 or 5 feet tall in about 10 years, and eventually reaches 10 feet tall and about 4 feet across. It has beautiful dense foliage of a rich deep-green color, and the soft green leaves are arranged in small curved shell-like clusters, giving the tree an appearance that is both rugged and charming at the same time. This plant is a graceful addition to your garden, bringing structure and permanence among your flowering plants. Plant it around your house for beauty summer and winter. Grow it in planter boxes for permanence and height, or among flowers in your garden beds as the perfect background to any and all colors. It is also an easily-grown addition to an Asian-themed garden, and it is regularly seen in traditional Japanese gardens.

True Dwarf Hinoki Cypress - 3 gallon