Mohave Pyracantha is a wonderful, sturdy shrub that is smothered in white blooms in spring, and then covered in a dense crop of orange-red berries all fall and well into winter. It grows into a shrub around 10 feet tall and 6 feet across, or taller if grown on a trellis or wall. Because of its sharp thorns, hidden among the leaves, it makes an excellent security screen around a garden, or beneath windows, against both two and four-footed intruders. This beautiful shrub is easy to grow in sun or light shade, in almost all soils, doing best in sandy, moist, well-drained ones. It is tolerant of urban conditions, so it’s a perfect choice for a town-house garden, or any smaller space, where it can be trained against a wall or trellis to take up almost no room at all. It is hardy from zones 5 to 8, so it grows everywhere except in the coldest and hottest areas.

  • Spectacular fall and winter display of orange-red berries
  • Handsome glossy green foliage all year round
  • Specially bred for disease-resistance
  • Perfect as a security hedge or below windows
  • Grown on a wall it takes up almost no room