Diabolo Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius 'Monlo') features eye-catching flowers, deep reddish purple leaves, and wonderfully textured bark. It's a real knockout plant that's also easy to grow.

Native to North America, this deciduous shrub family grows along streams, rocky banks, and in moist wooded areas. The unique burgundy red leaf of this particular variety is absolutely stunning and quite rare.

Since its introduction, more than a few people have called it 'Diablo' Ninebark, so don't be surprised if you hear it called by this name, too. The common name of "Ninebark" comes from the textured stems of the plant. They have a unique way of "exfoliating," or peeling back, to expose a variety of reddish-brown layers underneath. The look is quite ornamental, and it definitely gives your garden some Winter Interest.

The Diabolo Ninebark is prized for its four seasons of interest. In spring, white, button-like blooms appear in clusters. They present a showy display that's sure to draw attention.

Ninebark is actually related to the Spirea species, and the little white flowers will remind you of those sweet, button-shaped blooms. Mother Nature knows what she's doing. The profuse creamy white flowers are an amazing contrast to the deliciously deep red leaves.

Purple Nine Bark