emon Lights Azalea is a part of the Northern Lights Series of Azaleas that were developed in part by the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. All of the Northern Light Series of Azaleas are very cold hardy, making them suitable for use in northern climates - flower buds are cold hardy at temps down to as low as -30 F. While they do very well in northern, cooler climates where the Southern hybrids fail, they are not very capable of withstanding the very hot & high humidity of the extreme southern growing zones past zone 7b, or maybe zone 8 if given adequate shade to help keep soil temps down during hot summer days.

Flower blooms are a super bright dazzling lemon yellow color, and usually occur very early in the season - many times before or at the same time the leaf buds are just emerging from dormancy. The bright yellow color is a color seldom seen in the warmer weather azaleas seen typically in the southern hybrids, which is a nice change of pace. Exact timing will vary a little, depending on just what climate you are located in. The warmer the climate, the earlier you should expect to see the fireworks begin, lol........whereas the more northern climates may have to wait until mid may or so.

Little Lemon Exbury Azelea