The Limelight Hydrangea is a wonderful shrub for flowers late in the season, when most other shrubs have finished flowering. It produces large pyramidal sprays of flowers that open creamy-white, and then turn chartreuse-green in late summer, before turning pink and rose in the fall. As well, the leaves also turn lovely shades of red in fall. This is a great plant if you garden in areas that are too cold for the common hydrangea, but even if you already grow hydrangeas, the Limelight Hydrangea is something special and different that you will love. It grows everywhere, no matter how cold, as well as growing right down to Florida and southern Texas.

  • Hardy hydrangea grows even in Zone 3
  • Huge, dramatic flowers in cream, chartreuse and rose
  • Perfect size – 6 feet tall – for any sized garden
  • Flowers late in the season when other flowers are finished
  • Grows easily in sun or partial shade

Limelight Hydrangea