The Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac is a superb improved reblooming lilac, with vigorous growth and abundant blooms in both spring and through the summer. It forms a rounded bush 4 to 6 feet tall and wide – perfect for beds or informal hedges. It has a dense structure and smaller leaves than traditional lilacs, but the fat flower spikes smell just as sweet, and they are the classic deep purple of the best lilacs. Then in July it is back again with a second blooming, which can continue into the fall. Perfect for small gardens where every bush must give the max, and for larger gardens too.

  • Large spikes of rich purple flowers
  • Blooms in spring and then from mid-summer into fall
  • Full traditional lilac fragrance
  • Hardy, and thrives in cooler zones
  • Resistant to root diseases and ignored by deer

In full sun is the ideal spot for the Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac, which is hardy even in zone 3 and prefers cooler zones. It grows in ordinary well-drained garden soil, and regular watering and fertilizer after the spring bloom is the key to the most summer blooms. That little extra care will pay huge dividends in flowers that continue to the first frost. This plant is resistant to root diseases and deer don’t touch it. A light trim after the spring blooming is all the pruning it needs.