Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub with ornamental features. One would look outstanding in your perennial bed, or plant several for an eye-caching hedge. These can also be grown as container plants for your porch or patio. Lavender Chiffon can even be pruned into a small tree if you'd like to add a creative touch. Your Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon is one of the longest blooming and most prolific of the Hibiscus varieties! Masses of fully double 3 to 4-inch blooms appear in late summer. Each large, single lavender flower is adorned with a lacy center to create an anemone-like bloom. The individual flowers last only a day or so, but more flowers continue to bloom from summer to fall. The 4-inch long, 3-lobed leaves fill out your Lavender Chiffon nicely, adding to its elegant appearance for your yard. It presents a stately presence in your yard with its upright, multi-stemmed, vase shape and impressive blooms. It grows in any soil, unless extremely wet or dry. This deciduous shrub prefers full sun and is disease and pest resistant. Overall, this is one tough plant, and is able to maintain itself through good and poor weather alike. With proper care, Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon is sure to reward you with months of gorgeous blooms every year!

Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon - 3 gallon