The Golden Mop Threadleaf False Cypress is a great tree for the busy or new gardener. It gets right to work, bringing solid yellow and gold color to the garden and making a lovely mound of pendulous thread-like foliage without asking for anything in return. With a round and mounded shape, wider than it is tall, this plant always looks neat and trim and never needs attention to stay that way. Not only that, this beauty is hardy to minus 40, so even if you live in the coldest areas it is still a great choice.

In most gardens, it grows steadily to be around 3 feet tall, although it may eventually grow taller. It will become 4 – 5 feet wide, so it perfectly fills that space in a corner, at the top of a wall, along a driveway or beside a door. It will never become bare at the bottom or untidy at the top, but it will always look great, no matter the weather or the season. This evergreen is the perfect choice for any gardener, especially those who would rather enjoy their garden than work in it.

Gold Mop Cypress