The Bobo Hydrangea is a new, smaller version of the large-flowered panicle hydrangea. The profusion of white flowers is just as full and beautiful as on larger plants, but this bush only grows to 3 feet tall. As well, it has sturdy stems that keep the flowers upright, not flopping over. The dense panicles are 10 inches long, and bloom for months on end. They begin lime-green, soon turning white by early summer, and then in fall they develop rich, red-purple tones to brighten the end of the year. Unlike mop-head hydrangeas, this plant is hardy even in zone 3, so it is a very welcome arrival for gardeners in colder areas, especially if you have a smaller garden. Use it around your home, as a specimen in a small lawn, planted in front of larger shrubs, or even in planters. This long-blooming plant is a winner, and it certainly deserves a place in every garden.

Bobo Hydrangea