Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub with outstanding flowers. Plant one as a focal point in your front yard, or anywhere you'd like to attract some mid-summer attention.

Your Blue Chiffon is sure to provide some much-needed color to your mid-summer and fall garden. It's the latest addition to the Chiffon series from breeder Dr. Roderick Woods of England.

You'll adore the exquisite blue flowers with their lacy centers of light lavender-blue petals that give it a semi-double appearance. The flower centers are accented with wine-red hues that streak out from the veins of the petals. A profuse bloomer, you can expect to enjoy your Blue Chiffon's display from July through September. Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon's already large flowers can be made even larger by pruning back to 2-3 buds in early spring. Left on its own, however, you will still be treated to gorgeous flowers on a lovely shrub. Blue Chiffon is relatively hardy and tolerates heat and humidity well. Hummingbirds and butterflies love it, but deer tend to leave it alone. It's quite simply a beautiful, flowering shrub that is easy to grow and sure to provide enjoyment in your yard for years to come.

Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon - 3 gallon