The Arnold Red Honeysuckle is an ornamental deciduous shrub. You could plant one as a specimen plant in the front yard or several as a foundation hedge.

Honeysuckle vines are wildly popular for their stunning color and fragrance, but many people don't have the proper location for a climber. This is your opportunity to get all the benefits of a Honeysuckle without the climbing nature.

The Arnold Red Honeysuckle is a dense-growing, multi-stemmed shrub that is easy to fit into your landscape almost anywhere, and is relatively carefree.

When the rest of your yard is still struggling to emerge into spring, your Honeysuckle will be one of the first to leaf out with its uniquely blue-green, 2-inch long ovate foliage.

An explosion of 1-inch blossoms make their appearance soon after. They are fragrant, dark red and tubular which is an irresistible combination to hummingbirds and butterflies.

In the early fall your Honeysuckle will provide a feast of small red berries for your birds and other wildlife.

The Arnold Red Honeysuckle is a fast grower so you won't have long to wait to reap its benefits. It will also self-sow under the right conditions, so can be a great investment.

For all the benefits of a Honeysuckle vine without the hassle of providing for a climber, the Arnold Red Honeysuckle is a perfect choice.

Arnold RedHoneysuckle