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     You have made a decision to add new plants to your landscape & have selected G & G Landscape to provide those plants. This decision now makes us partners in the success of your new planting.



     G & G landscape strives to provide quality plants to our customers at an attractive price & we make great efforts to care for & supply those plants healthy & free of insects, diseases or other maladies. It is the responsibility of our staff to deliver the plants in GOODE condition & to properly install them. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with any plant or the manner in which they were handled or installed, it is your responsibility to inform our staff in a timely manner.



     Once the plants have left our care we can no longer take complete responsibility for the health & survivability of the material. As the end user, it’s your responsibility to give proper care to the plants with sufficient water, insect & disease care. If you see a problem developing you should immediately call for help. After a plant has been allowed to dry out or been ravaged by insects or disease, all of the water, insecticide or fungicide you can provide probably won’t help; prevention is better than trying to cure.


     G & G Landscape will supply one time free of charge, any plant that is installed by this company & fails to survive during the first year after installation. This warrantee excludes acts of God such as winter damage, hail, extreme winds, or flooding. Neglect, insect or disease infestation, vandalism or any other form of damage that is out of the control of G & G Landscape, is not included in this warrantee. Failure of the owner to provide necessary water & normal maintenance care thru this warrantee period can be grounds to invalidate the warrantee.



      G & G Landscape does not warrant sod or seeding after installation but does guarantee that the product WILL BE in satisfactory condition & installed properly... Sod MUST be watered daily & cannot be allowed to dry out.


James T. Goode,

MS Horticulture